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Fun facts! I love to bowl, I'm a Fashionista, enjoying all things vintage. Accessories are my addiction. I'm a complete foodie-  Cooking brings me  joy like no other! I believe in bringing people together. 

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My Story

Juanita C. Clarke - Jackson, wife, mother, Founder & CEO of Brilliant Finish Financial Group. The top ranking Financial Wellness Group; created, owned, and operated by women for women; on a mission to assist women on becoming Financially Independent. With more than 24 years in Corporate American; Juanita knew something was missing when it comes to women understanding finance and creating long term wealth measured against our male counter parts. Juanita’s vision and mission is clear, to empower, educate, create a safe space for women, break the stigma - gender gap within the marketplace. 



Juanita’s professional experiences includes, Procter & Gamble Company, Lockheed Martin, Fifth Third Bank, amongst other’s fortune five hundred companies where she served as a manager, problem solver, analytical and strategic thinker; and team builder. 

Turning Dreams Into Reality
Let's Make It Right
Take The First Step

Business, Financial, Consulting, Education, Credit and Empowerment!

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